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Making your wedding memorable

Weddings are happy occasions. It is a celebration of your love. But there is one more kickass part to it. An epic gathering of friends and family and a fun filled party to be remembered forever.

But how to stand out? How to beat throngs of wedding function we have already seen?

There are many ways to upgrade the standard nuptial function. Here is a list of few, to make your party started and going on.

To start, think of the party as a whole concept, each complementing each other. It’s a celebration and not an event. People have gathered to see you and enjoy their time not to attend an official event. Creating the mahaul is important. Don’t bore your guest’s with long hours of ceremonies. People have come to spend time with you make it interactive. Add your personal touch, its your wedding, but think of it in terms of your guest too.






Keep the entry & exit fun but precise. Don’t stretch it. Make a quirky entry both for the bride & groom. Make the exit equally amazing. We see a lot of baraats stretching the entry over hours. Most guest have limited time. You have spent a lot on that getup & the makeup for people to see. Be in time so people can see, won’t be possible if they have left already. Mix traditional with modern entry concept. Keeps your guests intrigued.


Personalized Program


Make a small personalized program. Think of the entire program beforehand plan entry, entertainment and exit. Keep performances to keep your guest entertained. Family performances is one way to do it. How about a family flash mob? Fun!


Hashtag & Photobooth



Make hashtags, make the guests busy in spreading the love. Be the talk of the town, maybe make a few people wishing to have fun like you. Make quirky photobooths ask guests to share on their Instagram. Make booths for live videos. Arrange for picture taken by guest to be immediately uploaded and displayed on a projector.


Charging station


Add a charging station so that the pictures and video keep on coming. Put some at the entrance some in the venue. Weddings are long events. Phones die when being extensively used for video and photography. Don’t let them die.



Ask guest to leave sound bytes. Interesting stories about the bride or groom. Some funny some emotional and some damn embarrassing.  Play it after the jaimala. Let the bride and groom guess who it is for and from whom it is from.


Goody Bags



Small goody bags with personalized stationary, a bottle of water or drink and a few chocolates is a good idea. Add in stick-on with your initials. Or a quirky cartoon of you two with a wedding meme.


Open Bar & a signature cocktail


A concept that is present in all weddings mostly. But not experimented with. Give it a personal touch. Make a personal cocktail named after you. Make it the centrepiece of your bar. Don’t keep to much option, limited but palatable to all taste buds. How does a mojito with a dash of dried hibiscus or lavender sound? Beer is the most consumed drink, how does a micro brewed beer sound? Keep a keg just for the look of it.




Make a theme. Make the wedding personalized, and that includes the food too. Décor gives a vibe to any event. It defines the mahaul. So, give a good thought to it. Rather going for traditional seating go for small lounges throughout the venue for guest interaction. Let old friends meet and reminiscence. Nostalgia is the biggest party starter. Create spaces for groups to have fun.




Ask DJ to announce for song request. Let people dance to their tunes. See people hitting the dance floor once their jam is played. Dance have fun.

Involve the bride and groom too. Party song please.


Late night snacks


Most people serve snacks before dinner. But what after that? Pheras are usually late and people are having munchies. So, serve some. People are more receptive on full stomach.

Damn irritated on empty. Food is always a rememberable experience & late-night snacking is on different level.

Incorporate a few of these ideas & it is sure to leave a mark. Plan your wedding as you would a party. Let’s celebrate! Let’s paint the town in your own colours!

Written By - Anket Mohanty on 15 Feb, 2019

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